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Following last year’s pandemic-induced sell-off, Australian shares have been on steroids, but can the rally last?

Share prices race ahead, but what’s next?

Australian shares have risen strongly since last year’s sell-off as the economy powers ahead, although nervousness remains over the prospects of rising interest rates.

  • by John Collett

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Asset rich but cash poor? Reverse mortgage may be the answer

Noel Whittaker
Noel Whittaker

The whole point of any form of reverse mortgage is to help asset-rich, cash-strapped seniors draw on the savings in their home to fund their retirement.

Power of attorney comes with unexpected responsibilities

George Cochrane

Share offer raises questions over beneficial best interests.

Minimum super drawdown extension catches industry on the hop

Noel Whittaker
Noel Whittaker

The federal government has extended the reduction of minimum withdrawal requirements from super for another year.


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